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Welcome to the Home Care Division

At YHHA we speak the language of healthcare and we understand all aspects of Domicilary care services in depth. So, when you call us at YHHA, you are speaking to the home care professionals directly, without any need to discuss your needs via a layer of administrative staff.

Recruitment agency staff may well understand all aspects of HR very well and even all aspects of the training and qualifications process that healthcare staff are required to undertake. However, as knowledgeable as they may be in this regard, no one can understand the real practicalities of providing healthcare better than the healthcare professionals themselves.

We have developed a strong reputation in a number of specialisms none more so than in the home care sector. We supply full and part-time staff to our clients’ exacting requirements, regularly at very short notice. Our staff are trusted professionals representing YHHA every time they step onto your premises. Our clients are encouraged to consider us as part of their team, with us on their organisation chart and have us set us up on speed dial.


When care is provided in your own home by a Homecare Provider like Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Alliance this is called Homecare, Domiciliary Care or Home Help as others call it.
Long term care needs, aging and frailty can make it difficult for people to manage their own personal care needs and other home/domestic tasks. This makes it difficult to continue living independently in one’s own home without help from others. We are here to help. Our friendly staff will discuss with you in detail and agree on a detailed plan with you which can be reviewed regularly to reflect your changing needs.

The Home Care Support Team
Tel 0113 262 1866

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Helping you find your Staff

Quality homecare that is affordable, compassionate, friendly and tailored to your unique needs, delivered by trained competent staff with background checks. Give us a call today.

Helping you find your role

We are always looking for friendly, caring and compassionate people to join our team of carers to make a positive difference.