Our Company

Welcome to Yorkshire and Humberside Healthcare Alliance (YHHA). We are a specialist healthcare staff provider, serving the whole of the Yorkshire and Humber region.

YHHA is a newly formed alliance of fully qualified and highly experienced nurses. As members of YHHA, we have come together for the purpose of organising and managing the business of placing healthcare staff ourselves. Because each member of YHHA has many years of nursing experience, we understand the business of nursing better than anyone.

YHHA constitutes a radical departure from other providers of healthcare staff, precisely because we can do those jobs ourselves! Because YHHA is comprised wholly of highly skilled nursing staff, spanning across a wide range of disciplines, we understand in depth the issues that relate to the placement of nursing staff, within any given type of healthcare setting.

At YHHA, we understand all of the nursing qualifications processes and we are able to readily assess the level of competence of each candidate that applies for inclusion onto our books. You can therefore be assured that, at YHHA, we will only assign those staff with the skills sets that are required to ‘hit the ground running’ within their job role, as well as within any given set of circumstances within your organisation.

At YHHA we maintain a ‘holistic’ approach towards staffing processes. We take it upon ourselves to guide, train and coach our candidates, to ensure that they reach their full potential and that they give the best of themselves on each job assignment. In short, we take responsibility for managing the careers of our candidates. This in itself represents greatly added value and quality, to our candidates and clients alike, which is unlikely to be matched by any other healthcare staffing provider.

Because at YHHA we take it upon ourselves to address, in house, any skills or training gaps that our candidates may have. This takes the strain off you, the client, from having to work around any such training needs. An additional advantage, of course, is that the staff that we assign to you are certain to be highly motivated.

At YHHA we are adding new healthcare staff to our books on an ongoing basis so that we are able to meet any healthcare staffing need.

At YHHA we are confident that we provide the most effective, efficient and comprehensive healthcare staffing services that are available.